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The year I first grew an interested in astronomy was clearly marked by the year I got braces. I instantly learned to keep my mouth shut and to not talk to anyone in fear of being made fun of for my metal mouth or even worse having food stuck in my teeth. Being interested in the skies really helped to pass the time without talking, it seemed to be a very fortunate hobby to pick up. A few years later when I got my first real telescope for my 15th birthday my parents also gave me the gift of what they called Invisalign braces Las Vegas. Was that suppose to be a clever name so I wouldn’t refuse. They said my teeth would be shiny and bright like the lights all over Vegas. Right. At least at the orthodontics office I went to the staff didn’t treat me as a little kid.

The Invisalign System is cool. I was intrigued as the orthodontist explained how it combines advanced 3-D computer graphics technology with 100-year-old science of orthodontics. The Invisalign aligners are designed to move the patient’s teeth in small steps to the desired final position prescribed by the doc. Each aligner is precisely calibrated and manufactured to fit the mouth at each stage of the treatment plan. So I was on board.

I frankly didn’t care what they called them because now I could invite friends over, even girls and talk to them about all the beautiful stars and constellations I had been learning about during my braces-filled-silence. I met Lucy, who introduced my to the astronomy center 3 towns over where we began taking classes together. It was probably the best part of my formative years. Below is the program description of the class we took.

The fairly dark skies and fair weather of the region are important resources for the part-time pursuits of amateur astronomy. The League has planned to capitalize on these resources by holding quarterly public star-parties as a way of bringing the science home to more than our current members. The public is invited to participate in this fascinating study of our mutually shared skies, the heavens that men and women have pondered over the ages, but that we as modern beings tend to overlook. Member operated telescopes and binoculars will be set up for observing by the public, and anyone with their own equipment is encouraged to come and be a part of the fun.

Other programs and educational events will take place as the League pursues each avenue of interest that is presented by the community. A desire to help with public education in conjunction with the public schools and popular organizations such as the Scouting programs is the foremost priority of the organization. Any person or group interested in having some astronomy related events should feel free to call upon the League for help in their programs. We invite all astronomy and science students in the colleges and middle schools to regard the League as another valuable connection to further their studies. Please feel welcome to join in and help out. If you have an interest, please come forward and participate – we want nothing to get in the way of both a good time and a solid life & learning experience.

As events of special interest happen in our vast Universe, count on the Starlight Observers League to present them to the local community in a fun and educational manner.

For membership information, please contact our membership director.

We are looking for volunteers to help out at these upcoming events. Anyone can join and help us organize each event. Some of these events will correspond to large sightings that will receive a good deal of publicity on a national scale. But our most promising events should stand on their own as introductory experiences for novices.

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