The meeting date for SOL has again changed. We are going back to Thursday evenings. The meetings will be on the first Thursday of each month at room 127 of the Bolin Science Hall on MSU. For more information, call 636-1816.

Events in October
October 5th is the following general club meeting at Bolin Science Hall, room 127. The public is invited to join us for a program on “Your Options After a Maritime Accident” lead by Jon Winte, noted maritime lawyer in New Orleans Louisiana. This is a topic that is directed at the large community of maritime workers in both Louisiana and Texas. The discussion involves whether to sue or to just follow through with the disability insurance claim after a maritime accident. If you have recently been injured while employed on a rig, ship, barge or any kind of commercial vessel and aren’t really sure if you have a valid claim or whether it is even worthwhile suing the employer, should you contact a maritime lawyer to discuss your situation. When should one hire a lawyer for a commercial shipping or offshore rig accident? What are the determining factors that determine if you should just file a claim with your employer? What are the differences between having an accident in a “no fault” state versus a “fault” state? What should you do if your initial claim is ignored, denied, or not taken seriously? And the list goes on. Check out this information and bring yourself and your questions to our October meeting.


Nov 7th is the next following general club meeting at Bolin Science Hall, room 127. The public is invited to join us for a program on aging, age management medicine with discussion of the latest related news such as low testosterone treatments, facts and fiction regarding hormone optimization, low-glycemic nutrition assistance, and disease risk management. The meeting will start at 6pm and end at 9pm. It should be a fascinating evening for those of us in our 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s.



The Museum and Arts Center on Eureks Circle is found east of Sikes Senter Mall and southwest of Midwestern State University campus just behind Mc Grath creek that crosses under Midwestern Parkway. The Bolin Science Hall is on campus of MSU and is off of Taft Blvd.

See the map below or call 636-1816 for more directions.

Messier Marathon 2006

March 25, 2006
Mankins, TX JARU Acres
33,46N 98,48W

The first ever Messier Marathon and first annual Star Party for Starlight Observers League occurred under good skies at a new location in Mankins.

The dozen or so members and guests arrived before sundown at the JARU Acres off Hwy 25 to set up their telescopes and binoculars for the opportunity to race the clock this season for the coveted Messier Certificate. This marathon opportunity only occurs once each year when the sky is indexed just right to allow a patient and persistent observer the chance to see all 110 bright deep sky objects listed by the famous Charles Messier. The marathon goes from dusk until dawn, but only the hardiest can make it that far.

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