The SOLAR news letter is a monthly mail-out for members of the Starlight Observers League of Wichita Falls, Texas. It is presented here for the general public as a service of our organization to educate and stimulate discussion of all things concerning astronomy. We hope you enjoy the chance to keep up with the scheduled events SOL does for the community and if nothing else, find something interesting about astronomy in the passing.

The true joy of observing the stars and world outside our own small Earth depends so much on where you live. With rural communities usually being highly desired due to the low pollution. If I were you I’d keep my eye out for Forest Hills homes for sale, as this is an area overly neglected by the astronomy community however I feel it provides the absolute best of both a quiet rural community with a great clear atmosphere as well as easy access to good schools and shopping areas!

The news letter can also be found at our sister site at Feel free to join us there too. SOLAR is published and edited soley by our very own Rick Harris. Thanks Rick!!

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